Our Services

Move In / Move Out Cleaning​

When moving in, you must pack, move your furniture and make sure of a long list of other preparations. All these things are incredibly time-consuming and make moving into a stressful experience.

Office Cleaning

When cleaning needs arise for your business, you can count on the Surrey janitorial services professionals at Rehobet Janitorial of Surrey to meet them. Our one-time services are another example of the commitment to cleaning excellence you’ll find here.

House Cleaning

Many potential clients have a hard time understanding what’s included in our cleaning services and how much they’ll cost. We provide free quotes over the phone or through email that give you an idea of what you’re looking for without having to schedule an appointment for a walk-through estimate.


Carpet Cleaning

Rehobet cleaning goes beyond your everyday clean with innovative technology and methods to ensure a germ-free, healthy environment. Our protocols eliminate odor-causing germs, improves indoor air quality by reducing dust and removes dirt and grime.