moving cleaning tips

if you are moving you need give to home owner at list 30 days notice to return back your damge deposite plus you need to clean the house properly from top buttom

here is simple way to clean

  • dust from to bottom
  • throw all garbage from cupboards ,fridges,inside washroom cabinets  including any furniture that do not want move with you
  • vacuum all walls ,edges, inside and out side surface of the house
  • sweep garage
  • clean washroom
  • clean kitchen inside and out side surface of the kitchen including appliances
  • wash walls
  • clean windows and blinds
  • clean all light fixtures
  • clean fan lights
  • wash floor
  • vacuum carpet
  • wipe stair rails
  • wipe doors and door knobs
  • clean behind fridge and ovens
  • sweep balcony 

if you have any quetions please call us at 6045517740

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