surrey house cleaning services


let our professionals clean your house

our house cleaners in burnaby ,surrey will make your life easier, cleaner and better! We offer complete full residential cleaning services . we provide our cleaning supplies We try our best to keep our products all-natural and implement green cleaning methods whenever possible. Our team brings experience to the table, and provide a level of professional care that we pride ourselves on being the best. Give us a call today and let us show you the difference we can make for your home. 

special cleaning attention

We put our customers’ needs first and ensure that every residential cleaning services  in burnaby ,surrey is done tailored to things you may want special cleaning attention given to. When we arrive to provide your Surrey and Langley cleaning services, our house cleaners  will walk through your home with you going over each room, bedroom, and bathroom. This ensures that in each area, we establish the specifics of what you want to be addressed that may be over and above standard service, or perhaps areas that you don’t want focus given .

we are the Best house Cleaning company in surrey

We pride ourselves on using chemical-free products for our cleaning service. With our friendly cleaners and eco-friendly cleaning agents, we go above and beyond to create the easiest and healthiest cleaning service that you’re looking for!

All cleanings are carried down by a specialized cleaning team equipped with cleaning supplies. They will provide you with an optimal solution for your specific cleaning needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us, discuss your requirements, and book our service. We always strive to do our best to bring cleanliness to your place and happiness to your face.

lists of regular cleaning services

 after the initial deep cleaning which is the first visit our ongoing house cleaning list are as follows .

bedroom cleaning

  • Spot clean walls and shelves (within reach)
  • Wash mirrors
  • Dust and Wipe all countertop surfaces
  • Clean all door handles, light switch, dressers and cabinets (exteriors)
  • Swiffer/Mop/Vacuum accessible areas of the floor, rugs and carpet

bathroom cleaning

surrey house cleaning services
  • Wash mirrors

  • Take out trash & replace liners
  • Wipe door handles, light switch and cupboards (exterior)
  • Wash and Sanitize sinks, counter tops, showers & shower doors
  • Wash and Sanitize toilet
  • Swifter/Mop/Vacuum accessible areas of the floor and rugs

kitchen cleaning

  • spot clean walls & cupboards (outside)
  • Clean microwave (interior)
  • Take out trash & replace liners
  • Wipe outside of fridge
  • Dust & Wipe reachable surfaces
  • Swiffer/Mop accessible areas of the floor

living area

house cleaning
  • Clean all doors, door handles & light switches
  • Spot clean walls & shelves (within reach)
  • Dust & Wipe baseboards
  • Dust & Wipe all accessible surfaces, cabinets tables & countertops
  • Swiffer/Mop/Vacuum accessible areas of the floor, rugs & carpet

add on services

  • outside windows
  • carpet cleaning
  • inside oven
  • inside fridge
  • blind cleaning


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