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ABOUT Rehobet

Rehobet Janitorial Services Ltd. is a residential and commercial cleaning company that offers premium quality and great customer service. We specialize in carpet cleaning, move-in & move-out cleaning, renovation cleaning, office cleaning, disinfection, and much more. Our exceptional janitorial services will elevate the look of your home with proper cleaning services. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning services at affordable prices. Let us know your query, and you can rest assured that you’re in the right hands.


Each team member of Rehobet Janitorial Service is highly dedicated, professional, and fully trained. We hire candidates on the basis of experience, professionalism, work quality, and utilization of equipment and tools. Training is provided to new staff by our experienced cleaners and janitorial to ensure all-round consistency and satisfaction.

Our team is our pride as they’re the reason behind the immense growth and success of the company. The latest tools and equipment utilized in the cleaning process give the best-quality results that will meet your specific cleaning needs.

We all are well-aware of the current pandemic situation, and as a cleaning service provider, we aim to keep your place fully sanitized and disinfected from bacteria, germs, allergen, and other pollutants. So, if you’re concerned about your family’s health, then just give us a call! We will book an appointment with you. Our worker will analyze the whole scenario and offer cost-effective cleaning services that will turn your home into a healthier, cleaner, and dust-free environment.


Are you in need of professional janitorial cleaning services for your home or office? If yes then, you’ve clicked to the right spot. Rehobet Janitorial Services Ltd. offers impeccable residential and commercial cleaning services that are strictly in adherence with the Covid-19 instructions. Ceaseless innovation, consistent high-quality, incomparable values, and great customer service are the distinctive feature of Rehobet cleaning service. Our skilled cleaners will take out dust, mess, and stingy smell from your carpet, and make your living area and lounge the best place to rest with our exceptional carpet cleaning service. May it be a special event at home, or a success party at the office, our janitorial services will elevate the look of your home with proper cleaning services. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning services that uniquely cater to your cleaning needs and requirements.

Why Rehobet?


Whether it be an unseen dust particle on the table corners or prominent dust and mud on the floor and table, our attention-to-detail cleaning services will cover the whole area that results in a cleaned and tidy home and office.


At Rehobet Janitorial Services Ltd. we provide affordable services to our customers with standard quality work, instant response, and satisfaction. We promise to deliver fast, reliable and 100% guaranteed work to our customers at a low price than you think.

Skilled Cleaners

Our team of skilled cleaners are well-trained with the latest tool and equipment required for cleaning of residential and commercial areas. We are capable of providing high-quality natural and eco-friendly cleaning services that exceed your expectations.